Sterling silver is a durable precious metal and has been in existence since early times. The metallic alloy had originated in Europe and has been used as early as the twelfth century.

Sterling jewelry will endure for decades to come with good cleaning and care. It absolutely will not wear and it's simple to recognize. The richness, brilliance, durability, workability, and lovely smooth glistening texture make it a desirable choice in jewelry.

Classic Antiques Identification Cleaning and Care

Pure silver is too soft for everyday use, so it requires to be blended with other metals to make it a much more durable metal. Copper is among the most frequently used metals blended with pure silver so as to fortify this, and it's also one reason why tarnish forms on Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Is Sterling Jewelry marked?

A lot of classic and vintage jewelry, for example, Ancient jewelry is conspicuous Sterling or 925. In the USA, marking jewelry is comparatively modern, and just became a norm in the nineteenth century.

There are lots of kinds of evaluation kits available on the market to ascertain the fineness of the silver content of the product. When utilizing acid, it's a good idea to test in an inconspicuous area on silver. Otherwise, the acidity will destroy the end of your jewelry in case your jewelry ends up to be silver plated.